The War/The Wrath Split CD

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XTHE WARX is a no compromising, straight edge hardcore band, with aggressive in your face lyrics and beliefs. XTHE WARX is taking standing for straight edge to a whole new level. Hailing from the southern part of Queensland and Byron Bay, XTHE WARX features members from Live Today and Neck Up. If your a fan of bands like Untill The End with the convictions of Earth Crisis check this band out!

xThe Warx tracks
1. Ammunition From Inside
2. Carry The Flame
3. Drink Drive and Murder

XTHE WRATHX is a straight edge band hailing from San Francisco & Salinas, CA, cities typically identified as hedonistic drug paradises, not your typical breeding ground for a militant straight edge band. The music is heavy and fast, the vocals passionate and pissed, and the band ready to lay waste to anything in their path.

xThe Wrathx tracks
1. Fuck Party Girls
2. World Of Pain
3. What We Could Be

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